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Find and Hire the Best Talent

Where does ROEI start? Where your employees' journey starts. Our Recruiting and Onboarding modules—available as add-ons to Sage HRMS—automate and streamline the entire recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process, eliminating paper, and letting new hires use self-service tools to become engaged employees.

What Recruiting and Onboarding can do for you

Among its many business benefits:

  • Reduce employee turnover by recruiting and hiring the best talent
  • Maximize your company's Return on Employee Investment (ROEI)
  • Collaborate with recruiters and hiring managers to recruit applicants, onboard new hires, and build a strategic workforce

The best team wins

Human resources departments continue to struggle to build the best workforce because the success of any organization depends on its people. This guide provides ten tips to help you improve the effectiveness of your company’s recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes.

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Recruiting and Onboarding Modules

First choose Sage HRMS. Then add any or all of the modules in the Recruiting and Onboarding solution as your business needs require.

Perform what-if analyses with org charts

Use Sage HRMS OrgPlus to help yourself and your employees better understand your company's strategy and structure, as well as everyone's role in achieving organizational objectives.

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Fill open positions efficiently

With Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter by Visibility Software, you can fill open positions more quickly and efficiently. This in-house, 100% web-accessible tool is highly configurable, paperless, and process-oriented.

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Create paperless web-based forms

Streamline collection and approval of employee data using the web. With Sage HRMS HR Actions by Delphia Consulting, you can easily create paperless forms using any fields from Sage HRMS.

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Closely track business data

Sage HRMS Alerts & Workflow by Vineyardsoft provides exception management, identifying and responding to conditions that fall outside an organization's SOP.

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Alleviate duplicate data entry

Employee data is often duplicated in an HR system and Microsoft Active Directory repository. Sage HRMS Active Directory Conduit by Delphia Consulting updates required, redundant information for HR and IT departments, so there are no more discrepancies or wasted efforts.

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Complete Form I-9 online

Simplify the onboarding process. Sage HRMS HR Actions I-9 by Delphia Consulting lets you easily complete Form I-9 through a paperless process that keeps you in compliance with government regulations.

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Easily collect withholding certificates

Save time, reduce data entry errors, and avoid costly fines. Simplify collection of employee withholding certificates during onboarding or when a Form W-4 needs to be submitted with Sage HRMS HR Actions W-4 by Delphia Consulting.

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Complete forms in a flash

With HR Actions Dynamic Forms Checklist by Delphia Consulting, streamline the onboarding and performance review process, as well as routine completion of any set of required forms for employees.

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Streamline onboarding

Streamline onboarding by automating the flow of new hire information. Sage HRMS HR Actions New Hire Interface by Delphia Consulting simplifies completion of new hire forms without rekeying.

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See what Texas Farm Bureau does with Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter by Visibility Software

"The integration between our recruiting and human resources applications makes all the difference."

Penny Anderson, director of personnel at Texas Farm Bureau, talks about her experiences working with Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter by Visibility Software.

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