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Payday Without the Mayday

Growing companies mean growing payroll. Which can quickly tum into a messy management problem. Gain complete control over your payroll process and sensitive data. Our Payroll Management and Processing solution allows you to produce accurate, timely payroll in-house. Payday after payday. Sage HRMS Payroll is also available as a standalone solution, and because it's so flexible, you can customize it to handle payroll your way.

What Payroll Management and Processing can do for you

Flawless payroll management is critical to your business. The Payroll Management and Processing solution provides all the essentials you need for paying your employees.

Among its many business benefits:

  • Simplifies your payroll processing with selection lists and anytime check processing
  • Keeps you in compliance with changing tax laws through quarterly updates, including tax tables
  • Integrates seamlessly with your other business processes, since it's tightly linked to Sage HRMS

Change how you process payroll

Changing how you process payroll has to be done right, and there are a lot of things to consider. Download our white paper on the 15 points to keep in mind when selecting a new solution.

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Stay in control

Processing payroll in-house offers tighter control, better access to information, and safer compliance than outsourced payroll.

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Payroll Management Modules

One of the most important things for any employee is getting paid. So it's critical that your payroll team complete payroll processing accurately and on-time every payday, and the flexibility of Sage HRMS makes it easy to produce payroll your way.

Handle payroll your way

Give your financial team a powerful tool for complete, on-time payroll processing. And because it's so flexible, you can customize it to handle your payroll your way with Sage HRMS Payroll.

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Turn it all over to an expert

One of the largest, most trusted payroll service providers in the U.S. is now part of the Sage family. PayChoice, the full-service payroll solution has officially been added to the Sage portfolio. Backed by best-in-class customer service and competitively priced, this payroll service enables us to offer you a robust and comprehensive full-service offering.

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Track time off and absences

Manage all types of time-off tracking, including incident-based time off, such as jury duty, medical leave, and bereavement and assign regular leaves of absence, manage and report on leaves of absence covered by FMLA, track medical certification and recertification dates, and track FMLA time taken with the full set of features delivered with Sage HRMS.

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Create your own paychecks

Create custom checks with SAP® Crystal Reports, or take advantage of out-of-the-box ready to print checks with Sage Payroll CheckPrint.

Eliminate paper paychecks

Save money on your payroll processing costs with the Sage Payroll PayCard by FlexWage. This easy-to-use, direct-debit alternative to paper paychecks is a widely accepted Visa debit card.

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Take control of labor data

Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity is an intuitive, 100% web-based solution that eliminates the burden of manual processes, saves time and money, and minimizes compliance risk.

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File taxes and do year-end processing

Safeguard your company against tax filing errors and meet all state and federal reporting and payment requirements with Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix.

Streamline deduction calculations

Free your payroll staff from calculating and prioritizing complex garnishments. With Sage HRMS Garnishment Manager by Delphia Consulting, it's easy to calculate deduction amounts.

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Complete Form I-9 online

Simplify the onboarding process. Sage HRMS HR Actions I-9 by Delphia Consulting lets you easily complete Form I-9 through a paperless process that keeps you in compliance with government regulations.

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Easily collect withholding certificates

Save time, reduce data entry errors and avoid costly fines. Simplify collection of employee withholding certificates during onboarding or when a Form W-4 needs to be submitted with Sage HRMS HR Actions W-4 by Delphia Consulting.

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Automate payroll timecards

Use Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import by Delphia Consulting to streamline the process of validating and importing data from most any data source into the Sage HRMS Payroll timecard file with this easy-to-use interface.

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Export HR data quickly

Sage HRMS to ADP xPort by Visibility Software and Sage HRMS to Paychex xPort by Visibility Software facilitate fast, accurate data transfer from Sage HRMS to ADP or Paychex. Export live HR data to a format suitable for ADP's PC Exchange/Workforce Now module or into Paychex's Preview Payroll product.

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See what Cambridge Healthcare Management does with Sage HRMS Payroll

"The software helps us automate many of the tasks we’d otherwise have to perform manually."

Ann Drake, payroll coordinator at Cambridge Healthcare Management, talks about her experiences working with Sage HRMS Payroll.

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